Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My first blog entry!!

After spending lots of time browsing through blogs- I finally decided to open one of my own.
So here we go. A TableSpoon of This...
Here I'll mainly be blogging about my passion...which is baking!!..I absolutely adore baking, and am always on the lookout for wonderful new recipes to try out.
It all started about a year ago, when my husband and I moved into our current home. After spending time in a tiny kitchen that could only fit two people (without any space to move at all), we finally got a kitchen that was big enough for me to enjoy cooking in!...

I first started by downloading Nigella Lawson's application on my iPod. After spending the first 15 minutes looking through the recipes, I got an urge to dash into the kitchen and cause mayhem!!!
I started off with her chocolate walnut brownies which turned out divine!!!..the joy of baking was something else!!...For that hour in the kitchen I was lost in my own world..it was fun!!!..melting the chocolate, whisking, chopping..and finally, the gorgeous aroma wafting out of the oven! I was in love!!
So from there it started. My love for baking. After that, I always looked for the opportunity to get in to the kitchen and try something new.

Its not only baking that I enjoy, I love trying out savoury dishes as well...but with desserts and cakes come a different kind of delight! (not to mention the result, when you cut a slice of hot cake or dig in to a yummy new dessert!!)

So here it is!!..I'm not very good at words and sometimes can't express myself, but I will try and post up pictures and recipes, which I hope you all can enjoy and try out!!
Take care everyone :-)


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